Gallery of My Own Creations (MOCs)
A gallery showcasing a few of my LEGO® creations. These models are illustrated either as digital photo renderings from the CAD design or as actual brick built models. Some of these models have been crafted into a kit with instuctions and are annotated with its respective kit number in the title. For a comprehensive gallery of my creations, you can also check out my flickr page. Enjoy!
Lego GO Train F59PH LocomotiveL

GO Train F59PH Locomotive (Kit 7756)

Lego GO Train F59PH Locomotive

GO Train F59PH Locomotive (Kit 7756)

Lego GO Train Coach Set

GO Train Coach Set (Kit 7761)

Lego GO Train Driving Coach

GO Train Cab Coach (Kit 7761)

LNER A1 Peppercorn

LNER A1 Peppercorn Steam Locomotive "Tornado"

LNER Thompson Coach Brake 3rd

LNER Thompson Coach (Brake 3rd)

LNER Thompson Coach Corridor Composite

LNER Thompson Coach (Corridor Composite)

Fareham Lego Layout Montage

A montage of my Fareham Lego train layout as it appeared for Brickfete 2013 in Montreal

Fareham Lego Layout Station (Southwest view)

A view from the southwest of Fareham station as depicted on my Lego layout


A view along Platform 1 of Fareham Station


A view down Fareham station northern approach

Fareham Layout Brickfete 2014

An overall view of my Lego Fareham layout just after setting up at Brickfete 2014

Brickfete 2013 Layout

A Lego layout constructed for my first AFOL show, Brickfete 2013

BR Mk 1 Tourist 2nd Open Coach (TSO)

BR Mk 1 Tourist 2nd Open (TSO) Coach

BR Mk 1 Brake 2nd Coach (BSK)

BR Mk 1 Brake 2nd (BSK) Coach

BR Class 419 MLV EMU (LSE)

British Rail Class 419 MLV EMU (London SouthEast Sector livery)

BR Class 419 MLV EMU (Royal Mail)

British Rail Class 419 MLV EMU (Royal Mail livery)

Toronto CLRV Streetcar (Tram)

Toronto TTC CLRV Streetcar (Kit 7742)

BR Class 442 EMU Redux

British Rail Class 442 EMU (Network SouthEast livery)

Lego HST Postcard from 1976

British Rail Inter-City 125 HST Power Car

Lego ZFV Dogfish Hopper

British Rail ZFV Dogfish Hopper Wagon (Engineers)

Lego ZUV Shark Brake Van

British Rail ZUV Shark Brake Van (Engineers)

Lego BR Class 33 Locomotive Dutch Livery

British Rail Class 33 Diesel Locomotive (Engineers 'Dutch' livery)

PGA Aggregate Hopper Wagon

British Rail PGA Aggregate Hopper Wagon (Foster Yeoman)

PHA Hopper Wagon (Foster Yeoman)

British Rail PHA Hopper Wagon (Foster Yeoman)

Lego BR OBA Open Wagon

British Rail OBA Open Wagon (Railfreight) (Kit 7763)

Lego BR HEA Hopper Wagon

British Rail HEA Hopper Wagon (Railfreight)

Lego BR(SR) CCT Wagon

British Rail (SR) CCT Van Wagon (BR Blue)

Lego VDA Van Wagon

British Rail VDA Van Wagon (Railfreight) (Kit 7762)