Conversion of Lego® 9V Motor Bogie to DCC

1. Disassemble motor bogie by carefully prying off the bottom cover.
2. Carefully remove and clean the electrical pickup frames.
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3. Drill two 1.5 mm holes for wiring.
4. Re-install pickup frames. Insert one wire pair through hole and solder to pickup frame tabs.
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5. Carefully remove the thermistor and the metal tabs which slip over the motor feed tabs.
6. Solder two new feed wires to the motor feed tabs.
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7. Carefully re-install motor back into the case and route the wires away from axle and wheel bearings. Pass wires through second hole.
8. Secure the wiring with some 2-part epoxy resin and allow to cure.
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9. Re-insert reducing gears/axles and apply a sparing amount of light plastic-safe lubricating oil where indicated.
10. Re-attach bottom cover and ensure that it snaps securely in place.
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