Sorting & Labels

Sorting Bin Labels

These label sheets can be printed directly onto paper, cut and then glued or taped to a bin. Alternatively, you can print them onto full page self-adhesive label sheets, cut and then directly apply to your bins. Below is a photo of these labels applied to some of my collection's bins to give you an idea of how they can be used. (FYI, the bins/drawers are Ikea's excellent and versatile Trofast storage system)
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Common Brick Colours

These sheets contain 6x category labels for each colour. The 6x main categories are:
  1. Unmodified bricks
  2. Modified elements
  3. Slope and curve elements
  4. 1x Plates and tiles
  5. 2x, 3x Plates and tiles
  6. 4x+ Plates and tiles
Each file has two pages and typically appears as follows:
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Light Grey
Dark Grey
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Other Brick Colours

These label sheets are for bins of less common brick colours.
Dark Colours
Green & Brown
Other Colours
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dark red, blue, green & tan
green and brown separated into bricks and plates
purple, orange, tan, lime green, medium blue, Maersk blue, sand blue, sand green, pinks, etc.

Other Elements Categories

These labels are for element categories such as framed window/door elements, transparent panels (in several common colours), train and track elements, and miscellaneous elements (wheels, baseplates, decorated, etc.).
Framed Elements
Misc. Elements
Transparent Panels
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Train Elements
Track Elements
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